Everything for a network of pawnshops «K-Lombard»

During the three weeks of November we came up with a new logo, made a website and created a short guide to managing the site



First letter of the title
prompted the metaphor


The logo is equally bright and contrasts on different backgrounds — both light and dark


He immediately attracts attention to himself, but is not imposed, but is isolated from the surrounding background


The logo in unequivocal form declares that the company on the market for a long time

Beauty in simplicity

The client voiced the wish that the site should be told by simple and understandable visual techniques about the fact that the loan agreement in the pawnshop is not scary, sometimes it is necessary, but in general it is profitable.

The designer suggested the option to make navigation on the site without the usual scroll. The client liked it. The obvious useful effect of this — the site is much more convenient to read on mobile devices.

Honestly about the main thing 

The client told us all about his business, and we wrote a few stories about why customers choose «K-Lombard». In each of these stories, we in two sentences described the advantages of the company. Honestly and without embellishments.


Clear and predictable navigation, smooth scrolling to sections, a logical chain of information


The site is equally suitable for viewing on large screens, and for reading from smartphones and tablets


On a few screens we told in an accessible form everything that is necessary and useful to know the future client of the pawnshop

We decided to combine the infographics about the process of concluding the loan agreement with the simplest interest calculator.
It turned out visually and informatively